Cat 950H Wheel Loader Hire

Caterpillar 950H Loader

Cat 950H Wheel Loader

Available for dry hire, the Caterpillar 950H medium wheel loader is an asset to all companies serious about earth-moving for mining or civil works.

Fitted with a powerful 162 kw motor, the 950H uses the next generation, C7 ACERT diesel engine. This turbocharged inline 6 cylinder diesel engine is designed to keep operating costs and emissions low, while maintaining high reliability and durability on the job.

The load sensing system of the 950H, allows operators to lift and tilt the bucket simultaneously resulting in less spillage and efficient material handling on the job. The 950H is also capable of adjusting engine output to compensate for parasitic loads.


Given the demanding conditions the 950H may find itself, operator comfort is well catered for with an air conditioned cabin, adjustable height steering column and an adjustable seat. Distortion free glass, wide clear viewing areas and front and back wipers ensure ensure maximum visibility. An overhang on all sides of the cab protects the operator from glare.

Full length inclined ladders give easy access and egress and doors are forward opening up to 180 degrees and can be latched.

Visual checks of oil levels, coolant and transmission are completed on one side of the 950H and without needing to remove covers.


Our Caterpillar trained diesel mechanics perform regular preventative maintenance on all of our loaders to ensure maintain maximum vehicle uptime. In the unlikely event that a breakdown occurs, we can provide mechanical field service as necessary to keep your job running smoothly. Additional loaders are also available.

Mining Compliance

The 950H is compliant for mining use. It is fitted with start and battery isolators, e-stops, HID work lights, flashing lights and UHF radio. Additional site additions can be made as necessary. Risk assessments and pre start books are included.

  • Estops
  • Start isolators and battery isolators
  • Reverse Camera
  • UHF
  • Risk Assessed
  • HID lights
  • Machine backed by CAT trained mechanics


Video slideshow of the Cat 950H

Cat 950H Specs


Number of Cylinders


Engine Make


Engine Model


Net Power

147 kw

Gross Power

162 kw

Power Measured @

1800 rpm


7.2 L

Max Torque



110 mm


127 mm

Net Power - ISO 9249

147 kw

Net Power - SAE J1349

145.5 kw

Net Power - 80/1269/EEC

147 kw

Gross Power - SAE J1995

161.9 kw

Engine Model


Flywheel Power

147 kw

Peak Torque - 1,400 rpm - Net

907.1 Nm


Operating Weight

18338 kg

Fuel Capacity

314 L

Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity

110 L

Engine Oil Fluid Capacity

30 L

Cooling System Fluid Capacity

42 L

Transmission Fluid Capacity

34 L

Front Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity

36 L

Rear Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity

36 L

Static Tipping Weight

12464 kg

Turning Radius

7016 mm

Operating Voltage

24 V

Alternator Supplied Amperage

80 amps

Rear Axle Oscillation

26 degrees

Tyre Size



Transmission Type


Number of Forward Gears


Number of Reverse Gears


Max Speed - Forward

37 km/h

Max Speed - Reverse

40 km/h

Forward - 1

7 km/h

Forward - 2

12.8 km/h

Forward - 3

22.4 km/h

Forward - 4

37.1 km/h

Reverse - 1

7.6 km/h

Reverse - 2

13.9 km/h

Reverse - 3

24.5 km/h

Reverse - 4

40.1 km/h


Operating Weight

18341.1 kg


Choose from a variety of tyres to match your application.


Maximum Bucket Capacity

3.5 m3

Bucket Capacities

2.5-3.5 m3 3.25-4.5 yd3

Bucket Width

3 m

Capacity - Reference bucket

3.1 m3

Type - Reference bucket

General purpose

Breakout Force - Reference Bucket

16839.7 kg

Hydraulic System

Pump Type


Relief Valve Setting


Pump Flow Capacity

270 L/min

Raise Time

6.2 sec

Dump Time

1.3 sec

Lower Time

2.5 sec

Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total

10 s

Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down

2.5 s

Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise

6.2 s

Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump

1.3 s

Steering System - Pump Type


Bucket/Work Tool System - Pump Output

71 gal/min


Breakout Force

165 kN

Dump Clearance at Max Raise

2922 mm

Bucket Width

2927 mm

Bucket Capacity - heaped

3.1 m3

Bucket Capacity - struck

2.7 m3



Fixed front


Oscillating +/- 13?

Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall

469.9 mm



Meets required standards.


Length with Bucket on Ground

7988 mm

Width Over Tyres

2784 mm

Height to Top of Cab

3452 mm

Ground Clearance

411.5 mm


3350 mm

Hinge Pin - Max Height

3992 mm

Reach at Max Lift and Dump

1202 mm

Wheel Base

3.4 m

Height - Top of ROPS

3.5 m

Height - Top of Exhaust Pipe

3368.1 mm

Centerline of Rear Axle to Hitch

1676.4 mm

Height - Top of Hood

2462.8 mm

B-Pin Height - Standard

4 m

Centerline Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight

2 m

Rack Back - Maximum Lift

59.5 degrees

Rack Back - Carry

45 degrees

Rack Back - Ground

38.5 degrees

B-Pin Height - High-Lift

4.5 m

B-Pin Height - Carry - Standard

0.5 m

B-Pin Height - Carry - High-Lift

0.6 m

Height - Center Line of Axle

0.8 m

Dump Angle at Maximum Lift

48.2 degrees

Operating Specifications

Dump Clearance

3 m

Breakout Force

16839.7 kg

Static Tipping Load - Full Turn - Bucket

10917.1 kg

Static Tipping Load - Full Turn - Forks

4273.3 kg

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System

41.7 L


30 L

Hydraulic Tank

109.8 L

Fuel Tank - Standard

314.2 L


34.1 L

Differential - Final Drives - Front

36 L

Differential - Final Drives - Rear

36 L



Meets SAE and ISO standards.

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